Wrench in the works

Bad news, world. Remember how I wrote that I was going to start kickboxing again? Well, it’s not happening. I had every intention of going to kickboxing classes. Then I heard back from the school and classes are too expensive. As much as I’d be okay with spending money on something worthwhile, I just don’t have the cash. Not until I pay off my credit cards, at least.

So it looks like I’m going to be focusing exclusively on my running plan for a little while. That’s disappointing, because I was very excited to add kickboxing for the variety. Things could be worse, though! Let’s look at this in a positive light. I don’t know why, but I have it locked into my head that running is the best kind of cardio. Where did I learn this? Who told me? No idea. But it holds true in my experience. You can spend an hour doing something like tennis, swimming, rollerblading, cycling, or the elliptical, and you never feel as tired as you do after an hour of running.

(I’ll be starting in half-hour increments, but whatever… a start is a start).

I’m not a natural runner. My body is not built for running, and it is a great challenge for me to get running and stay running. But it’s important to be challenged, because it pays off in the form of results. With something like cycling, I can get on my bike and ride for hours and be perfectly happy as long as I have a chocolate-chip Cliff bar tucked into my jersey. As fun as riding is, it never seems to get me as trim as I’d like to be. Going out to hit the pavement is much less enjoyable, but it gets results. So every time I go out to run and it starts to hurt, I’m going to think about that… and then keep going.

(As I am writing this, I’m realizing that it sounds kind of silly to force myself to work out. I wish I had a problem where I hated cooking and eating, and needed to force myself to do that. No offense to anyone who has suffered from an eating disorder, which is no joke. But seriously! Life would be so much easier if I could escape the siren call of Antico pizza and basically every carb covered in cheese. Oh, first world problems).

When I finally can afford kickboxing, it’s going to be that much more awesome – being more fit to start off, I think I’ll get more out of those workouts right from the beginning.

Have you ever had a wrench thrown in your workout plans? How did you recover?

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