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Rock and roll!

I climb like this monkey now!

All right, it’s official. I am terrible at blogging. While I started with a burst of confidence and inspiration, my eagerness to post has quickly fallen to the wayside as I accomplished some of the goals that I wanted to blog about (obviously not the writing one).

Great news, though. My goal to find a form of exercise that I love? Achieved. Rock climbing is awesome. In the days since I last posted about joining the gym, many things have happened. First, we’ve been climbing at least three times a week. Second, my fear of heights has rapidly diminished. I can ascend to the top of a 15-foot bouldering route, slap the top of the wall, and climb down. Admittedly, when I reach the top and look at the ground so far away, I am completely overcome with the impulse to get down as soon as possible. But I’m much more comfortable climbing than I’ve ever been before.

There are a few interesting classes at the gym, and we’ve made a habit of attending “Abs Class.” It’s held once a week, which is just about all I can handle. In 45 minutes, we are led through a combination of core strength building, yoga poses, and intense ab workouts. The sweat starts pouring about ten minutes in, and doesn’t stop. I love it! Even after two weeks’ worth of courses, my abs are approaching rock hard status. The only problem is that they’re hidden under a layer of Ben & Jerry’s and Antico pizzas that I couldn’t say no to. But they exist!

We were able to make the leap from bouldering to actual climbing this week, which was fun. At Stone Summit, you need to pass a safety test before you’re allowed to climb on the massive walls. We took a belaying class last week, learning about safety, knots, and accidental falls. The class was fun but there were some incidents. I was belaying for another student in the class, and as I lowered him to the ground, my hand got too close to the metal device that controls the rope. The feeling of the skin between thumb and index finger getting simultaneously sucked into a metal chamber and rope-burned is not one that I ever want to repeat. If not for Xavier and the instructor jumping on the rope and pulling it out as hard as they could, my hand would be pretty messed up.

Despite the adversity, we apparently performed quite well in the class, and were able to pass the belaying test last Sunday. So we’ve been climbing on the real rock walls all week. That has been pretty awesome, and strangely addictive. It’s also been a good reason why my blogging has dropped down so drastically: I’m exhausted all the time. After work, we’ll rush over to the gym, and climb for a couple of hours. By the end, my forearms are burning so badly that I can barely open up my laptop, much less type. Most nights, I fall asleep on the couch before making it to bed. But it’s been so much fun that I don’t mind.

In other news, I’m really excited because we are approaching the first spring in my adult life where I live in a house with a backyard and can plant a garden. The only limitation? It’s kind of a small backyard, the soil is rocky, and I’m going to be sticking to containers. Still, I am approaching this activity with extreme enthusiasm. My little seedlings have already begun germination in the guest room of our house. If all goes well, we will be feasting upon Padron peppers, jalapenos, heirloom tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and tons of herbs this summer. Baby steps, but for a first year, I’m going to take it slow.

This was a terrible update but I’m pretty excited to go climbing this afternoon, so it’s going to end here. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!